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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The heart of a true farm kid...

Convo with the boys on this cool morning outside.

Isaac: Momma, look a squirrel.
Me: Wow!
Jorden: Momma, remember when we saw that squirrel that a car ran over and smashed?
Me: Yes, I do. That was sad.
I: Look, here is a frog. He's dead.
J: Oooooooooh!! A dead frog.
I: Now he lives with Jesus.
J: So does that smashed squirrel.
I: Jesus needs to come by in His car and get this frog and take him so he can be fixed and live with Him.
J: Yes, Jesus' car came and got that smashed squirrel and took him and fixed him.
I: Momma, dead animals live with Jesus, right?
Me: Yes, honey, momma believes Jesus takes care of all of His creations, even after they die.
J: Am I going to live with Jesus?
Me: Yes!
J: Right now?
Me: No, baby, not right now, but someday. And someday momma and daddy will live with Jesus, too.
J: Will monsters live with Jesus?
Me: No.
I: And, what are we going to do in heaven?
Me: Well, what do you think we'll do in heaven?
J: I think we going to sing and dance.
Me: I do, too. I think we'll sing and dance and laugh and it is going to be so much fun.
Isaac: **Ponders all of this for a moment** Momma, will Jesus have combines and tractors and planters and grain wagons and DEKALB corn in heaven???
Me: I bet so, just especially for you and your daddy!

I love those boys! I have no idea why the boys think Jesus is coming by in cars to pick up the dead animals. But, perhaps that goes along with Isaac's comment to me the other day:
"Jesus tell us in the Bible to obey momma and daddy and Jesus say we need to get spankings if we don't obey."
Ok, so maybe we need to revisit that topic...
Or, maybe not?!


Miranda's Minutes said...

That sounds like a good addendum to the 5th Commandment!

Tiffany said...

Love this! So cute to have little conversations like this with our boys!

Clinton said...

Sounds like you live in a fairly open household... Jesus and Wildcats weren't in the same conversation. There is hope you may produce a Jayhawk.