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Friday, August 6, 2010

Would it surprise you...

*If I told you that we decided to leave a full day early on our vacation, er, excuse me TRIP?
*And, that I didn't have a single thing packed or prepared for that trip?
*Thus leaving me less than 20 hours to do it all?
*Then coming home to a child who had fallen asleep on the garage floor while his dad was cleaning out the truck?
*Then that same child went in and slept on the couch at 530 pm?
*Something finally clued in with his mother and father that this wasn't right and we took his temperature?
*That that temperature was 101.7?
*While all this was going on another child of ours was filling the pack-n-play set up in the garage that shall be the baby's sleeping headquarters (in theory) for the next week with inches upon inches of water?
*With all this we are still going to leave in like 14 hours?

I am guessing probably not. That's just how we roll. Whatever. I can't believe how uptight I used to be about being a parent. Anymore, I feel pretty dadgum proud of myself to just remember to get all three kids with me wherever I go. I figure we can buy whatever we've forgotten!

See you in a week!!!

1 comment:

Clinton said...

make it a double