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Monday, August 23, 2010

The fall??

I realize that by continually talking about how easy-going of a baby Luke is, I am just setting myself up for a harder fall. Who knows when that will kick in. Toddler-hood? Maybe. Puberty? Most likely. I don't know but really I am just trying to take great delight in this moment of time. For instance:
*Switch from formula into whole milk 6 weeks ago? Luke is actually thrilled.
*Wake up one morning and decide to chunk all the daytime bottles? No prob. He is quite ecstatic to drink out of his sippy cup.
*Make him start leaving his pacifier in his crib after waking up in the mornings and nap? Still smiling.
*Less than 90 minutes of sleep all day on Saturday? Still a giggler.
*Short catnap in the car on Sunday and then awoken from a deep sleep mid-afternoon to head to church? Happy boy all the way around.

He must take after his momma, don't you think? Ha!!

And, what did Jereme and I do on our Friday night of freedom (really, just having one child is considered freedom!!). Go out to a fancy dinner? Head to Manhattan for some fun times and shopping? Rent a good movie? Socialize with friends?

We were far more exciting than that. We hung pictures over the stairs. Jereme couldn't believe that's what we were doing. But, I kindly reminded him that if he didn't do now, whenever he did do it, most likely his "helpers" would be climbing up the ladder.


Clinton said...

Tape measure and pencil - precision, nice!

beth foster said...

way to go!! I love having productive evenings like that.
so you say it's going to get worse with more kids? ;)

Cricketchirp said...

Did you hang lettuce up? What is that green thing? ;-)